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Being a parent now of a Miracle Kiddo myself after all these years of FUNdraising gives me a whole new motivation to not give up.  My son Given and Wife were in Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for almost 4 months with chance of loosing one or both of them.  I lived there in the room with them and saw/felt directly all the care first hand of what these hospitals do for miracle families.  It is a long story in which CHOP actually did a story on if you would like to check out the link of our story. Here is the direct link:

Thank you for joining Me in my 18 year mission to FUNdraise for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

  I seen how your donations help kids smile on the inside as well as the outside.  Your donations mean everything to me as I know 100 % of your donations goes to the hospitals to save kids lives.  I started off a DJ, then a volunteer and after my first 3 minutes into my first Children's Hospitals event I knew I wanted to make the most difference I could and FUNdraise anyway I can as long as I can.  Getting to know these kids and their families while watching their journey unfold with the hospitals help has inspired me to do the best I can each year.  I depend on people like you to believe in what I know about these Hospitals.  I thank you for listening to my stories from my experiences directly working with Torch Relay and my Relationships with the Miracle families I involve on my Campaigns to FUNdraise.  This year I would like to make it to the goal of $50,000 FUNdraised collectively for our local Children's Miracle Network Hospital.  I believe you can help me do it.  Thank you for being a part of this Major goal I set out for.  I want to Thank The Miracle children that have inspired this passion to FUNdraise and Thank you for giving me strength to keep on going for the goals I set.   When FUNdraising gets tough I think of your stories and our relationships and keep on driving. THANK YOU EVERYONE that is helping.  "Garret Lauer"  

Also we have Given's Coffee in which helps us FUNdraise for multiple Miracle Kiddos directly and for our goal this year for CHOP.  Each flavor bag features a Give Miracle Kiddo and their story of the hospital journey they have.  Every first Tuesday of each month the directly get a Zelle from Given's Coffee to their person bank for any needs growing up and the other portion of the percentage split goes to our annual FUNdraising goal for Torch Relay for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.  This year we are FUNdraising for our sons hospital that save his and his mom's life, (CHOP) Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  Thank you so much and you can read more or order on


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