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Thank you for joining Me in my 17 year mission to FUNdraise for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.  Recently in this last year of 2022 it became a lot more personal for me as my wife and new born son, Given Lauer were in Children's Hospitals personally for almost 4 months with our own battle and miracle story.  I now know a lot more of the special things they  do close up and personal.

  I seen how your donations help kids smile on the inside as well as the outside.  Your donations mean everything to me as I know 100 % of your donations goes to the hospitals to save kids lives.  I started off a DJ, then a volunteer and after my first 3 minutes into my first Children's Hospitals event I knew I wanted to make the most difference I could and FUNdraise anyway I can as long as I can.  Getting to know these kids and their families while watching their journey unfold with the hospitals help has inspired me to do the best I can each year.  I depend on people like you to believe in what I know about these Hospitals.  I thank you for listening to my stories from my experiences directly working with Torch Relay and my Relationships with the Miracle families I involve on my Campaigns to FUNdraise.  This year I would like to make it to the goal of $200,000 FUNdraised collectively for our local Children's Miracle Network Hospital.  I am just $50,000 away and I believe you can help me do it.  Thank you for being a part of this Major goal I set out for.  I want to Thank The Miracle children that have inspired this passion to FUNdraise and Thank you for giving me strength to keep on going for the goals I set.   When FUNdraising gets tough I think of your stories and our relationships and keep on driving. THANK YOU EVERYONE that is helping.  "Garret Lauer"  


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